ARD-004 Tom Fox Logo Web 6.0bOver the past several years as I have practiced in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance space I have become more passionate about advocating for and evangelizing about compliance. I see business solutions to compliance issues as the best way to tackle the global scourge of corruption. I have tried to communicate this passion to readers and listeners through various forms and sites. Earlier this year, Thomas Friedman, New York Times (NYT) columnist and best-selling author, noted, “We’re at the start of a major shift on the question of what’s worth owning. What many companies, such as Uber and AirBNB, have in common is that they have either created trust platforms that match supply and demand for things people never thought of supplying: A spare bedroom in their home or a seat in their car or a commercial link between a small retailer in North Dakota and a small manufacturer in China. Or they are behavioral platforms that spin off extremely valuable data for retailers and advertisers or they are behavioral platforms on which ordinary people can generate reputations—for driving, hosting, or any skill you can imagine—and then market themselves globally.”

When I read this a light bulb went off inside my head as that is what I have tried to do over the past several years with my blogging, podcasting, writing and speaking; to create a trusted platform for the FCPA compliance practitioner. While there is lots of information out there on FCPA compliance, I have strived to synthesize much of it down to present what you need to know to create, implement or enhance a best practices compliance program. To that end, I have worked with Gini Dietrich and Laura Petrolino from Arment Dietrich to create one of the most useful spaces in the compliance geography; my new website FCPA Compliance and Ethics. My goal was inspired by Thomas Friedman, that being to create a trusted social media space in the compliance arena, powered by one of the top reputations in the compliance space around the globe, which is facilitated by my consulting company Advanced Compliance Solutions.

This new site will set out many of the new service offerings that I have been blogging and podcasting about this summer. My FCPA Master Class Training will have its inaugural session on September 10 and 11 in Houston, TX. The FCPA Master Class training is unlike any other class currently being offered. The focus will be on the doing of compliance. For it is only in the doing of compliance that companies have a real chance of avoiding FCPA liability. This training will provide to you with the nuts and bolts of how to create, implement or enhance a best practices compliance program. The FCPA Master Class will provide a unique opportunity for any level of FCPA compliance practitioner, from the seasoned Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) to the practitioner who is new to the compliance profession.

I have also collected copies of the papers I have written for a variety of other publications in one location. You can peruse one of the top libraries of articles about all areas of the FCPA and compliance. There is also a list of speeches I have presented over the past few years. Of course, there is a list of the books I have written and either self-published or published through other companies such as my seminal work Doing Compliance: Design, Create, and Implement an Effective Anti-Corruption Compliance Program, published through Compliance Week last year.

One of the things that drove me to put this new site together was to have a platform to collate my blog and podcasts. So in addition to this blog you will now have access to my podcasts on one site. Recently Gordon Firemark interviewed me for his podcast, The Law Podcasting Podcast. He is interested in other lawyers who have founded podcasts. It was great to visit with another lawyer who has an equal passion for podcasting as Firemark has other podcasts centered around his practice in Entertainment Law as well.

Firemark’s interview made me realize the reason I podcast is because I get so much out of doing it. I have the opportunity to meet and talk to some of the most interesting folks in the compliance space and learn about many different aspects of compliance. Just recently I have visited with folks as disparate as Tim Treanor, the lead attorney for PetroTiger who was able to obtain a Declination to Prosecute from the Department of Justice (DOJ) where three top C-Suite level executives pled guilty to FCPA violation, to Patrick Taylor from Oversight Systems, who has a very cool software solution to assist in transaction monitoring.

A new feature available on this site is the presentation of my White Papers, which are now available for readers to download. I wanted a forum to provide information that interests me and (sometimes) I get carried away writing about such that the article is too long for some of the publications I regularly write for. So today, I am now able to make available to you a White Paper on the areas that you can concentrate on in order to improve your compliance program in the face of our current economic downturn. I plan to release a monthly White Paper to provide you with some tangible steps you can implement into your compliance program going forward.

In addition to the launch of my new blog and podcast site, you can also find me in my monthly column for Compliance Week magazine and I am now their ‘The Man from FCPA’, blogging for them three times a week. I regularly contribute to the SCCE Magazine and write their bi-monthly ‘Compliance Life and Everything Else’ column. I am also a Contributing Editor to the FCPA Blog.

As you can probably tell, I am quite excited about this new site and the ways I can communicate and evangelize about compliance going forward. This new website will allow me to usher in a new chapter and share with you my readers and listeners the lessons learned along this voyage that is FCPA Compliance and Ethics. Last week, I posted my 1300th blog on the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog. I look forward to continuing this conversation on my new site FCPA Compliance and Ethics powered by Advanced Compliance Solutions. I hope that you will continue to join me on this journey.

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