Ed. Note-today we have a guest post from Leona Lewis, founder of ComplyEtthic Consulting. Next Monday, she premiers her podcast the Masters of Disaster. I interviewed Leona on my podcast, the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Report on her exciting new venture. You can check it out at Episode 198 of the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Report. 


MASTERS OF DISASTERI am happy to announce that the podcasting community on compliance, ethics and risk increased by an estimated 100% in September with the launch of the new podcast Masters of Disaster.   Earlier this month I was honored to have the other half of the ethics and compliance podcasting community, Tom Fox, graciously interview me about the launch of my new podcast on his podcast, the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Report.

Why “Masters of Disaster”? It is more fun to say than the “Risk, Ethics and Compliance Podcast,” of course. The podcast features interviews with masters in the fields of risk, ethics and compliance – all areas that can become disasters if not managed well. The podcast also includes interviews with people who work on making professionals more influential or healthy in their high-stress jobs.

I can’t thank Tom enough because if it was not for his encouragement and listening ear, I am not sure the podcast would have launched at all. I was lucky to get him as my featured interview for the Masters of Disaster premier episode. He always has a useful point of view on the nuances of working with business executives on compliance problems; I take every opportunity to hear what he has to say.

For years, I thought that some podcast, video or article series speaking to the working lives of ethics, compliance and risk professionals should be created. As an in-house attorney, issues of influence, persuasion, leadership and crisis management were more part of my work on a daily basis than knowledge about the law. As an in-house attorney, knowing the law was the easy part. The hard part was leading the company to act.

Also, the human stories played out of the real lives of people in ethics, compliance and risk are compelling. A few years ago, I heard a webinar on leadership in crisis featuring a speaker who was the General Counsel of a financial institution during the meltdown of 2008. His talk was a good example of the kind of information that you don’t learn in law school. The courage and leadership skills that the GC needed to call upon were remarkable, but also common for those in positions focused on risks in business. I wanted to put together a podcast for people to share their experiences and insights that make them valuable in ethics, compliance and risk roles.

I am enjoying meeting many new and interesting people while recording Masters of Disaster. The podcast will be posted weekly every Monday beginning September 21. In addition to my interview with Tom, two additional episodes will be posted on September 21. Episode 2 is an interview with Gerard Braud, crisis communications expert from New Orleans, and Episode 3 features a conversation with Andrea Bonime-Blanc. Michael Volkov is on the September 28 episode. Masters of Disaster will be available iTunes and several popular podcast apps. Episodes will also be available on my website www.complyethic.com and the Facebook page “Masters of Disaster Podcast.”

Leona Lewis, J.D. is the founder of ComplyEthic Consulting LLC based in Minnesota and is now producer and host of the podcast Masters of Disaster. She can be reached at leonalewis@complyethic.com.