Red Flag GroupIf you have not noticed, please take a look at the top of my blog site and you will see that the Red Flag Group now powers my site. In the field of disclosures that means the Red Flag Group is now the sponsor of my blog and podcast. I am pleased to announce, in accordance with last week’s Press Release, that I will fill the role of Compliance Ambassador for the Red Flag Group going forward.

Who is the Red Flag Group? It is company, founded by Scott Lane, which provides a wide variety of products and services in the compliance space to help companies manage integrity and compliance in their business and with their third parties. It provides a wide variety of services to facilitate this goal through business advisory services, information services and technology solutions to assist a wide range of business customers including corporations, financial institutions, governments and subject matter experts (SMEs).

Scott Lane is one of the leading voices in anti-corruption compliance. He is one of the people that I sit up and listen to when he speaks. His leadership in the field of compliance was one of the reasons I wanted to evolve my role into a Compliance Ambassador.

What does this mean for you, the reader or listener? It means that I have taken my role as the Compliance Evangelist to the next level. I will keep doing all the writing, speaking, podcasting and advocating as I have done but now I will do more. The Red Flag Group has provided me the forum to expand my taking the message that I am committed to spreading; that compliance is the key to fighting the international scourge of bribery and corruption.

I will work with the Red Flag Group as a Compliance Ambassador for compliance in all its many ways, shapes and forms. In addition to the avenues I have used in the past to evangelize about compliance, I will be exploring new avenues through my role as Compliance Ambassador. I will also continue my FCPA Master Class training, my column, blogs and articles for Compliance Week and the SCCE Magazine and work as a Contributing Editor with the FCPA Blog.

My new role as Compliance Ambassador will allow me to advocate for the compliance function. I have advocated the business solution to compliance. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is the best law underlying this advocacy as it focuses on a supply-side prohibition of bribery and corruption. This focus has led US based and other companies subject to the FCPA to lead the charge in putting compliance programs in place. The Red Flag Group assists companies in creating, implementing, enhancing and moving forward with compliance and I am proud to be a part of that effort as Compliance Ambassador.


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