Show Notes for Week ending August 12

  1. SEC In-House ALJ Program Upheld. Compliance Building and Second Circuit Court of Appeals opinion.
  2. Abbott, sales pressure and suicide. NYT article, “Driven to Suicide by Inhuman Pressure to Sell
  3. Airbus under investigation for allegations of bribery to make airliner sales in emerging markets. FT article Airbus probe poised to shake up Boeing rivalry”.
  4. Lily King, finger wagging and calling out the Russian, ­­­­­Yulia Efimova for her history of doping. Inc. article, “Yes, U.S. Swimmer Lily King Was Absolutely Right to Blast Yulia Efimova for Doping
  5. Jay Rosen appearance on Masters of Disasters
  6. Maurice Gilbert’s list of questions every CCO should ask in an interview.
  7. Link to Red Flag Group registration and information for Webinar 2 of a 4 part series on Supply Chain risk management, click here.