In this episode I continue my conversation with compliance experts Matt Kelly, Mike Volkov and Jonathan Armstrong from the SCCE 2016 Compliance and Ethics Institute. We visit about the following topics: (1) Parallel tracks of sessions at SCCE events for different levels of compliance practitioners; (2) should the compliance function be involved with executive compensation issues and clawbacks; (3) Tom’s highlights of the SCCE Compliance Award winners; (4) the difference between SCCE and FCPA corridor events; (5) will universities answer the call for academic training for compliance professionals; (6) are companies continuing to make the same mistakes over and over leading to continued FCPA enforcement actions; (7) what is the Board of Directors’ role in compliance; (8) Jonathan Armstrong discusses the change in perceptions around the UK Serious Fraud Office and enforcement of the UK Bribery Act; and (9) human trafficking in the US.