Show Notes for Episode 26, week ending October 14, 2016-the East Lansing Edition

  1. World Bank Debarments- as reported on the FCPA Blog;
  2. Spanish pharma Grifols lands its second DOJ declination-as reported on the FCPA Blog;
  3. Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf resignation and botched crisis management-as reported in the WSJ;
  4. First FCPA Mock Trial Institute-for information and registration, click here;
  5. Fox/Scher presentation at FCPA Blog NYC Conference-for information and registration click, here. Best of all, for listens of this podcast you are entitled to a 20% discount off the regular price. You can access the discount by clicking here.
  6. Jay Rosen Weekend Report and
  7. Patriots seal home field advantage with two consecutive Denver losses.