In this episode, Matt Kelly and I take a deep dive into a couple of issues surrounding the new Trump administration. The first is the ‘Trump Risk’ disclosure that several companies have made since the election. The second is around Dodd-Frank and the SEC going forward. When Trump speaks about repealing Dodd-Frank, it means easing rules for capital formation, not the whistleblower program or other more traditional compliance related roles and issues. We discuss Paul Adkins, who is heading up the Trump transition at the SEC and what his prior tenure at the SEC may portend. Finally we discuss why the SEC whistleblower program is not going away but there may be a change in focus from the current aggressive approach under Chairman Mary Jo White.  We wave good-bye to Kevin O’Connor who was in then out on the Trump DOJ transition team. For more reading see Matt’s blog posts:

1.Compliance in the Trump Era, Part I: The SEC

2. It’s Starting: Disclosure of ‘Trump Risk’