Show Notes for Episode 29, week ending November 11, 2016-the Brave New World   edition

  1. Trumps stunning and surprising win and what does it mean for regulatory enforcement and FCPA –See article in the New York Times, Deal Book — How Trump’s Presidency Will Change the Justice Dept. and S.E.C.; for additional views on see Matt Kelly’s thoughts on his site, “5 Post-Elections Points for CCOs to Ponder; for the nightmare scenario, see Matthew Stephenson’s blog post, “US Anticorruption Policy in a Trump Administration: A Cry of Despair from the Heart of Darkness” and finally Jack Kelly’s perspective from the compliance arena in the financial services sector (Dodd-Frank), “It is Not Looking too Good for Compliance Officers in the New Trump Administration”. The next Everything Compliance podcast will be devoted to this top;
  2. New French Anti-Corruption Law (Saipan II) – click here for Miller & Chevalier newsletter on this new law.
  3. The VW emissions-testing scandal investigation expands. As reported in the FCPA Blog, German prosecutors name VW chairman in expanded probe;
  4. 1st edition of Everything Compliance Podcast, the new podcast in the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Report podcasting network;
  5. Scott Moritz continues his two-part series on compliance and M&A, focusing on post-acquisition. Click here for the FCPA Blog posting, A plan to integrate the compliance program after an acquisition;
  6. Rio Tinto announces it has suspended a senior executive for payment to a consultant to assist the company obtain a mining concession in Guinea that it had previously lost. See blog post on the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Report;
  7. Joe Warin and Julie Rapoport Schenker discuss the intersection of corporations, white collar defense and trials in their law review article on why companies refuse to settle and instead go to trial. To read click here; and
  8. The Jay Rosen Weekend Report.