In this first part of a two-podcast series, taped live at SCCE’s 15th Annual Compliance & Ethics Institute, Roy and myself get a chance to interact with a live audience and bounce from topic to topic, discussing:

  • The breadth and depth of wisdom from the general session speakers this year (a little self-promotion never hurts);
  • What Bill Baer (Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice) suggests to keep the DOJ out of your hair;
  • The pervasiveness of modern slavery and human trafficking (Hint: think about how many slaves are in the US right now? Now triple that number. You’re still low.);
  • Then on to Kristy Grant-Hart and her infectious passion for compliance;
  • What it means to attend the CEI and be “with your people;”
  • A deep dive into Wells Fargo;
  • The difference between being older than soil and older than dirt; and
  • Why we can’t give Roy pens that make noise.