In this episode Matt Kelly and I take deep dive into the United Airlines SEC enforcement action for violation of internal controls around its reinstitution of a route from Newark to South Carolina at the insistence of the then Chairman of the New York and New Jersey Port Authority David Sampson in exchange for a concession to expand its physical facilities at the Newark airport. We review the background facts, as set out in the SEC Cease and Desist Order and the Justice Department Non-prosecution. We take a look at the internal controls violation of the former UA CEO for violating the company’s Code of Conduct, the finding of a lack of internal controls around its route reinstitution protocol and finally discuss the problem of senior management override of internal controls.

For more information on this enforcement action, check out Matt’s blog post on this matter, entitled, “This Weird United Airlines Case Just Happened”  and my blog post entitled, “The Chairman’s Flight and the US Corrupt Practices Act“.