Show Notes

In this episode, I visit with Miller & Chevalier Counsel, Saskia Zandieh on the new French anti-corruption law, Sapin II. She discussion how it may improve the nation’s current anti-corruption framework, and review the practical implications gleaned from lessons learned from the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the U.K. Bribery Act. Zandieh addresses key changes made by Sapin II, including: (i) expanded jurisdictional reach of French prosecutors in bribery cases; (ii) creation of the “Agence française anti-corruption” (AFA), a new anti-corruption agency; (iii) a new compliance program requirement; (iv) whistleblower protection provisions; (v) the introduction of U.S.-style deferred prosecution agreements to the French legal landscape; (iv) and international double jeopardy considerations.

She notes that with Sapin II, France has the potential to become a major player in anti-corruption enforcement. For more information on the new law see the Newsletter co-authored by Zandieh entitled, “France’s New Anti-Corruption Law: A Game Changer or More of the Same?” by clicking here.