In this episode, Matt and I take a look at the sorry story of Chris Correa, the St. Louis Cardinal executive convicted of hacking into the Houston Astros computer system, which expanded last month when Federal Judge Lynn Hughes unsealed details about the extent of the illegal conduct. For all his efforts, Correa was severely punished by Judge Hughes at this sentencing. Hughes accepted the US government’s recommendation in sentencing Correa to 46 months of incarceration and fining him some $300,000. Correa was also banned from Major League Baseball (MLB) for life by Commissioner Rob Manfred.

Matt and I have both blogged on this matter. Matt takes a look at some of the lessons to be garnered by the compliance professional in his post, Two Compliance Lessons from the Baseball World. I delved into the facts to mine some interesting tidbits and consider how to compensate a business when you have stolen their IP, in blog post Of Greek Gods and Data Breaches.

Even when it comes to criminal data breaches, the Greek gods make an appearance proving once again that the fall of man is always related to hubris.