This podcast considers the differences between forecasting and risk assessment is that risk assessment attempts to consider things which forecasting either did not reliably predict for, or those things which the forecasting models have raised as potential outcomes which could be troubling, critical themes and issues. As Locwin explained, “What you’re trying to do then is decide on how you would address these. Risk assessments will percolate to the top of the list, your risk registry. Those items which are most consequential for your organization, whatever it happens to be. Again, just like forecasting, risk assessments apply to every organization.”

Within the context of an anti-corruption compliance program, you are trying to make adjustments based on the risks of violation of the law, out in the marketplace. For instance, in a compliance forecast, third-party risk should be considered at the top of your ordinal list of risk and you should consider a multitude of factors such as the operating procedures, processes and systems and training. Of course, the execution of that process is a critical component as well.