In this episode, Matt Kelly and I take a deep dive into a dramatic 48 hours in the life of the FCPA last week, which portends the trend of continued FCPA enforcement. It included the announcement by Kevin Blanco, acting assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division, who speaking at the American Bar Association’s annual white collar crime conference of the extension of the FCPA Pilot Program; the retort by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to President Trump on the power of the FCPA for US companies doing business overseas, the Justice Department brief and oral argument in the Hoskins appeal where the DOJ continued to press for an expansive view of FCPA jurisdiction as originally preferred by the Obama DOJ; and finally we discuss the summary of all US attorneys by the Trump administration and Matt’s proffers an interesting theory on why Preet Bharara was fired.

For more reading, see Matt’s piece on entitled, “FCPA: Pilot Program Extended, and Much More“.