In this episode, Matt Kelly and I take a very deep dive into two recent speeches by Department of Justice (DOJ) Acting Principal Assistant Attorney General Trevor McFadden in which he addressed multiple topics and issues around the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The first set of remarks were made in Washington DC at the Anti-Corruption, Export Controls & Sanctions (ACES) 10th Compliance Summit (the “DC speech”). The second set of remarks were made at the American Conference Institute (ACI) 19th Conference on the FCPA in New York City (the “NYC speech”). We consider the evolving rationale for FCPA enforcement which has changed in the 40 years since it was enacted, the mandatory corporate response to FCPA compliance requirements, and how McFadden sees Justice Department enforcement of the FCPA going forward in the Trump administration.

For Matt Kelly blog post on McFadden’s remarks, click here. For Tom Fox’s segments of a three part series, click here for Part I, Part II and Part III (posts April 26).