In addition to prolific writing about compliance another area I committed to as the Compliance Evangelist is to speak about compliance in a variety of forums. In May, I have several speaking events and a webinar which I am excited to relate to you today.

On Tuesday May 16th I will be joined by Jonathan Marks, a partner at Marcum LLC to present a conference on Operationalizing Compliance. The schedule is Registration and Continental Breakfast : 7:45 am – 8:15 am and the Program: 8:15 am – 4:00 pm. Highlights include:

  • What are the leading practices of an operationalized compliance program;
  • Why internal controls are the compliance practitioners best friend;
  • How you can use transaction monitoring to not only make your compliance program more robust but as a self-funding mechanism;
  • The new global anti-corruption enforcement paradigm;
  • Internal investigations and;
  • Negotiating with the government.

You will be able to walk away from the Operationalization Class with a clear understanding of how to operationalize a compliance program; an overview of international corruption initiatives and how they all relate to FCPA compliance, if it applies to you; how to deal with third parties, from initial introduction through contracting and managing the relationship, internal investigations, negotiating with the government, and trends in compliance. You will also learn about the importance of internal controls and how to meet the strict liability burden present around this requirement of FCPA compliance.

The Venue will be:

Marcum LLC

1600 Market Street

Philadelphia , PA  19103

Best of all, the event is complimentary. For registration and additional details, click here.

On May 18, I will be joined by Ben Locwin,   PhD, MBA, MS, President, Healthcare Science Advisors for a session on Pharmaceutical compliance issues and risk management at the CPhl North America, which will also be held in Philadelphia. If you are in pharma this is the conference for you. 

This session is centered directly on the diametrically-opposed viewpoints of strategic drug pricing. How are prices set? How should they be set? What’s the balance between capitalism, good economics, corporate interests, and altruism? Do these paradigms apply to both established and emerging markets? What are the legal frameworks surrounding these decisions? What are the ethical debates underpinning these decisions? What are the legal ramifications of approaching it incorrectly?

Legal and Policy Strategies for Drug Companies in Today’s Global Market
I. Drug pricing:
i. How is it set?
ii. Is it set accurately?
iii. Is it set appropriately?
iv. What do those even mean?

II. Why does levothyroxine matter? Reimbursement.
i. What’s happening with reimbursement in 2017?
ii. What does a new presidential administration mean for drug prices?

III. The Heinz Dilemma
i. Separating ethics and morals from business, enterprise, and economics

IV. Interactive Exercise
Develop regionally-specific pricing models to create a visual worldwide market that encourages competition, growth, and sustainability.

For Registration and Information, click here.

From May 22-24, I will be participating in Compliance Week 2017. I am chairing a panel with two of my favorite folks in compliance; Ren McEachern from the FBI and the recently retired Head of the Security and Exchange Commission’s FCPA Unit, Kara Brockmeyer. Our session will be a celebration, entitled, “Happy Birthday FCPA! A Toast to the Next 40”

Session Description:

The FCPA was enacted back in 1977, but its real time to shine has been over the last decade. There is no denying its impact on anti-corruption laws around the globe or the headline-making status due to increased enforcement in the United States. In this session we’ll discuss what companies need to know about the FCPA moving forward, including the impacts of increased cross-border law enforcement cooperation, the importance of third party risk management, and industry’s increasingly sophisticated understanding of what an effective anti-corruption compliance program should be.

Readers of this blog can receive a discount of $300, by entering discount code CW17TOMFOX for the payment page. For more information and registration details, click here.

Finally if you are not going to be in Philadelphia or Washington in May or your travel budget is light for the month, I  will be participating in a Compliance Week webinar, on Operationalizing Your Compliance Program, with Patrick Taylor of Oversight Systems on May 4.  As you are well aware, the Justice Department has mandated that companies operationalize compliance within the organization to drive effectiveness. Review and analysis of corporate data is one way to do so. Reviewing gifts, travel and entertainment expense data can benefit compliance, accounts payable and sales functions, just to name a few. How can a compliance professional develop and implement such a plan? In this webinar you will take away:

  • An understanding of the types of data each company owns;
  • Why operationalization of compliance is an imperative;
  • How to cut across silos to increase operationalization; and
  • How to partner with other corporate functions.

For more details and registration, click here.