In this episode, Matt Kelly pinch hits for a Walt Disney World-vacationing Jay Rosen. Matt and I have a wide-ranging discussion on some of the week’s top FCPA and compliance related stories. We discuss:

  1. Shearman & Sterling issues its Report to the Wells Fargo Board on the fraudulent account scandal. For Tom’s three-part series see Part I, Part II and Part III.
  2. United Airlines is at it again. Click here for Matt’s article on Radical Compliance. Click here for Tom’s article in Compliance Week.
  3. Interesting judicial decision on restitution from Judge Posner. See article in the Grand Jury Target blog.
  4. Barclay’s CEO penalized for trying to unmask internal and anonymous whistleblower by using corporate security and US law enforcement. See Tom’s article in Compliance Week.
  5. Matt reports on Oracle’s Modern Finance Experience conference. Click here for Matt’s blog post on Radical Compliance.