This week, Jay and I have a wide-ranging discussion on some of the week’s top compliance related stories. We discuss:

  1. What is the real risk in a FCPA enforcement action? See Mike Volkov’s post in Corruption, Crime and Compliance.
  2. FIFA fires its lead internal investigators for doing their job investigating. See Tom’s article in Compliance Week.
  3. ECI Report Finds Use of Corporate Monitors is on the Rise. For a copy of report, click here. For a webinar replay with Affiliated Monitors’ Eric Feldman and Nasdaq’s Michael Kallens click here.
  4. Why the judgment of CEOs and their actions really do matter. See James Stewart considers Barclays’ Jes Staley in his Common Sense column in the New York Times.
  5. What role do incentives play in a compliance program? See Tom’s two podcasts on the issue, incentives for executives and incentives in sales programs.
  6. Astros lead the MLB with the best record in baseball. The Rockets gag on the big one.
  7. Jay previews his Weekend Report, compliance lessons from a trip to the zoo.
  8. Listeners to this podcast can received a discount to Compliance Week 2017. Go to registrationand enter discount code CW17TOMFOX.

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What do monitorships have to do with best practices in compliance. Find out on This Week in FCPA.