Show Notes for Episode 53, for the week ending May 19, the I Left My Heart in SF Edition

This week, Jay and I have a wide-ranging discussion on some of the week’s top compliance related stories. We discuss:

  1. Brazilian President Temer comes under corruption fire? See article in the New York Times.
  2. The turmoil at FIFA continues as FIFA’s ethics watchdogs quit in protest after their chairman was fired. See article in Bloomberg.
  3. Should compliance and ethics be wedded? New report by Institute of Business Ethics and the Ethics Institute considers the issues. See article in WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.
  4. The Fat Leonard scandal lands U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Robert Gilbeau with a prison sentence of 18 months. See article in the FCPA Blog.
  5. Almost one-third of all open FCPA investigations involve Brazil. Only 17% involve China. See article in the FCPA Blog.
  6. Astros lead the MLB with the best record in baseball. Will they regress to the mean?
  7. ComTech is here. Are you ready? See Tom’s article in the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog.
  8. Jay previews his Weekend Report.
  9. It is not too late to join me at Compliance Week 2017. Listeners to this podcast can received a discount to Compliance Week 2017. Go to registrationand enter discount code CW17TOMFOX.


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