In this episode I visit with Luciana Silveira, a PhD candidate who is studying the FCPA and how it is has affected international trade flows. Some of the questions she is considering include the following: Was US business abroad affected? Did US companies decide to change their foreign business strategy because of the FCPA? After so many years of the law, what is the private sector overall opinion about the FCPA?

Silveira believes the answers to these questions  are neither straightforward nor simple. To that end, the PhD research she is developing will hopefully provide us with some new and updated answers, as well shed more light to the impacts of the FCPA to US international trade. Equally importantly, she is using the FCPA as reference to my studies on potential impacts of the Clean Company Act, a similar anticorruption legislation that came into force in Brazil in January 2014. To complement a quantitative analysis regarding merchandise trade flows, she is using a 15-questions survey (available at It is confidential, and there is no question that requires strategic corporate information. She hopes that you will participate as all input is welcome and encouraged.