In this week which starts the 4th of July holiday weekend, Jay and I return for a wide-ranging discussion on some of the week’s top compliance related stories, including:

  1. The second Declination of the Session’s Justice Department, CDM Smith. For a copy of the Declination click here. For article in the FCPA Blog, click here.
  2. The son of Equatorial Guinea’s president went on trial this week in France for embezzlement of funds from the country. See trial reports of Days 2 & 3 in the Global Anti-Corruption Blog.
  3. Is the DOJ afraid to go to trial in white collar prosecutions. Jesse Eisinger considers this issue in his new book The Chickenshit Club. See review of Eisinger’s book in the Financial Times by clicking here.
  4. Tom nominates former Uber engineer Susan Fowler for top blog of the year (so far). Who is your nominee from the first half of the year? See Tom’s article in the FCPA Blog.
  5. Hui Chen talks to Matt Kelly on a podcast on Radical Compliance.
  6. Jay discusses his weekend report, which came out yesterday. You can read by clicking here.
  7. At nearly the half-way mark, the Astros lead the majors with the best record.
  8. Tom announces the premier of the Compliance Podcast Network, which will make its debut the week of July 10. It will be the only Podcasting Network dedicated to compliance, the compliance profession and compliance practitioners.