In this episode, I visit with Roy Snell about his recent announcement that he is stepping down as head of the SCCE. We review the current state of the SCCE and how the Roy has seen the compliance evolve from its start after the 1992 US Sentencing Guidelines. We discuss where Roy sees compliance going in the next several years and where the SCCE may go to support the profession.

This announcement comes when the SCCE has grown to 50 staff members and one of the has one of the strongest boards in the professional association world. the SCCE has a strong footprint in the US and is a material player internationally with 17,500 members in 95 countries. It has a great reputation and its success to date has been quite remarkable.

The call for applications will close on August 20th 2017.  A detailed job description and position summary are available at  SCCE plans to complete the interview and selection process in the Fall of 2017 and onboard a Deputy CEO in early 2018. The Deputy CEO will likely assume the role of the CEO sometime in 2019. Roy will stay on with the organization for roughly one year to work on special projects. To be considered for the CEO of SCCE and HCCA, please fill out the questionnaire with return instructions available at: