This week, as their tribute to their Dad, we are guest hosted by Jay’s daughters, Millie and Michela. They lead us through a wide-ranging discussion on some of the week’s top compliance related stories, including:

  1. The Covington and Burling report on corporate culture at Uber. For what it means to the compliance practitioner, see Tom’s piece in the FCPA Compliance & Ethics Blog. For another view on the car crash of corporate governance at Uber, see Matt Kelly’s piece in Radical Compliance. Finally for an article the on investor who took on both Uber and Silicon Valley for similar issues, see this article on NPR.
  2. Swiss banker, Jorge Luis Arzuaga pleads guilty to laundering money for FIFA officials. See article by Dick Cassin in the FCPA Blog.
  3. DOJ files civil forfeiture complaints Thursday against an additional $540 million in assets allegedly bought with money looted from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund, 1MDB. See article in the WSJ by clicking here.
  4. Adnan Khashoggi, the Saudi arms dealer in the middle of the giant 1970s bribery scandal that led to enactment of the FCPA died this past week. See article by Dick Cassin in the FCPA Blog.
  5. CCOs still struggle with outdated technology, siloed data. See article by Aarti Maharaja in the FCPA Blog. See Ethisphere-Convercent Report, by clicking here.
  6. Brazilian prosecutor-turned-lawyer under ethics investigation following J&F settlement. See article by Michael Griffiths in GIR by clicking here (sub req’d)
  7. Jay previews his weekend report.
  8. Tom continues to talk about the release of his new book 2016 – The Year in Corporate FCPA Enforcement. For more information and to purchase, click here.
  9. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there.