Back in 2011, over a with dinner Howard Sklar, we talked about commentary on the FCPA and in the greater compliance community. That conversation led us to begin the original This Week in FCPA podcast. Howard later went off to the corporate world but I continued our podcasting tradition founding the FCPA Compliance Report in 2013. Since that initial podcast experience, my podcasting realm has evolved and grown and I have added more podcasts in more platforms to include a variety of compliance, leadership and corporate governance related subjects and have partnered with some of the top commentators in the compliance community. By rough count I have now produced or participated in over 700 podcasts.

All of this has culminated in the creation of the Compliance Podcast Network, which collects for you a wide variety of compliance related podcasts, all distributed daily on four sites simultaneously for maximum listenership. The podcasts can be found on my social media platforms, the FCPA Compliance Report, Libsyn, iTunes and JDSupra. You can download any of the podcasts to your iPhone or other device and listen to it anywhere on the go.

The Compliance Podcast Network consists of the following podcasts.

  • The FCPA Compliance Report – My signature podcast where I interview someone about a compliance related topic. The topics are wide ranging, as is the subject of compliance. From topics such as current enforcement actions, to the intersection of sports and compliance, to how the Star Trek canon informs compliance, this is the longest running compliance themed podcast around. It posts each Monday at 8 AM.
  • The Compliance Report – International Edition – This podcast focuses on an international compliance topic, where I interview a guest from outside the US. With the dramatic increase in both the international investigation of corruption, coupled with the international enforcement of anti-bribery laws, it is more important now than ever that the compliance practitioner be aware of international developments in compliance. This podcast is posted on fourth Monday of each moth at 10 AM.
  • 12 O’Clock High, a Podcast on Business Leadership – In this series, I am hosted by Richard Lummis. We use history, current events, research and scholarship to discuss business leadership. One thing I have learned in the business and corporate world is that leadership skills can be learned, developed and strengthened. If you are interested in elevating your leadership skills, this is the podcast for you. We bring practical tips that you can incorporate into your leadership toolkit. This podcast posts each Wednesday at 10 AM.
  • Across the Board – A podcast on Board of Directors and governance of their intersection with risk management. Through a variety of interviews and solo podcasts, I present specific expertise which a Board of Director can utilize. This podcast is also useful for senior executives who must deal and interact with a Board of Directors. This podcast will premier this week. On Wednesday, July 12 with a look at the failures of the Uber Board of Directors. It will be post bi-weekly at 8 AM each Wednesday.
  • One Month to a More Effective Compliance Program – In this monthly series I tackle a different subject relating to operationalizing a compliance program, each month. So far this year I have covered the Board of Directors role in compliance, investigations, third parties, the role of Human Resources (HR). For July I am focusing on internal controls. If you are interested in learning how to design, create, enhance or implement a best practices compliance program, this is the podcast for you. I also include a full blog post with each podcast. This podcast posts daily, Monday through Friday, at 10 AM.
  • Compliance into the Weeds – Here I am joined by Matt Kelly and we delve deeply into the weeds of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) related topic. This podcast is broader than compliance as we consider multiple risk topics and the management of that risk. We discuss a wide variety of topics, from technology to current events to keeping a watch on moves by the regulators around compliance. If you want to get into the weeds of a topic, this is the podcast for you. The podcast posts each Tuesday at 8 AM.
  • Unfair and Unbalanced – A podcast I host with Roy Snell, President of the SCCE. In this podcast, we focus on the compliance profession, where it has been and where it may be going down the road. We tackle such issues as technology and AI, compliance function leadership and independence and how the compliance community can lead businesses to more efficiency and profitability. It is posted bi-monthly on alternating Thursdays at 8 AM.
  • Everything Compliance – In this podcast, I chair a roundtable podcast of four of the top commentators on compliance; Jay Rosen, Mike Volkov, Matt Kelly and Jonathan Armstrong. Each of the commentators takes one topic for a deep dive. In a nod to Howard Sklar, each commentator gets five minutes to rant on topic of their choice. Finally, I link to each commentators’ writings and musings on the episodes’ topics. This podcast posts bi-monthly, on alternating Thursdays (in tandem with Unfair and Unbalance) at 8 AM.
  • This Week in FCPA – I co-host this podcast with Jay Rosen, Monitors. This podcast is the sole weekly wrap up of FCPA, compliance and ethics related events and issues. Jay and I highlight the week’s comings and goings in compliance to provide to you the only weekly compliance review you can take and listen to going forward. We bring in sports and other topics to illustrate our compliance related points. Jay’s well known New England sports’ homer proclivities are continually espoused, as are the (usually) sad sack nature of the Houston professional sports teams. This podcast posts weekly, usually around noon on Friday, although do host special emergency episodes, such as when Tom Brady was suspended by the NFL.

As the Compliance Evangelist, I continue to work to bring each reader and listener the most timely, relevant and useful information to assist the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), compliance practitioner and compliance profession. The Compliance Podcast Network is another step in that evolution. I hope that you will find the materials I present as useful as the lessons I have learned in putting them together for you.


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