The issue of beneficial ownership is one which still bedevils many compliance professionals. Today, I visit with Brian Alster, Dun & Bradstreet’s Global Head of Supply and Compliance about the problem this issue continues to raise in the anti-corruption compliance space. Beneficial ownership is a critical inquiry for financial institutions and financial services companies but is becoming more important to non-financial commercial corporations.  KYC is a well-worn phrase in the financial industry and Alster explains how it is becoming more important to the anti-bribery compliance specialist.

Alster discusses the new D&B service; D&B Beneficial Ownership, a solution that delivers quick and reliable data for actionable management of regulatory compliance. D&B Beneficial Ownership provides companies a fast and comprehensive picture of corporate hierarchy with entity and individual level share ownership based on Dun & Bradstreet’s 265 million verified business records. D&B Beneficial Ownership capabilities can be easily embedded into companies’ current workflows to help accelerate due diligence and ensure regulatory compliance.

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