We take things a different way in this episode as the commentators throw out five topics for consideration by the group. Last week we had topics from Jay and Matt; this week from Jonathan and Tom.

Topics from Jonathan:

  1. The right to be forgotten in the EU;
  1. Big data and compliance-the EU regulators wrap anti-trust issues into data privacy;
  1. A wrap up for the 6 years since the Bribery Act came into existence; and
  1. The troubling inclination of UK regulators to engage in burden shifting in anti-bribery cases.

Topics from Tom:

  1. In view of Trump’s abysmal performance at the G-20, will other countries ramp up anti-corruption enforcement?
  1. Will the new book by Jesse Eisinger The Chickenshit Club make any difference?
  1. Three months ago the SFO appeared to be in trouble. Now it is leading the anti-corruption charge. Tying into Q1 above, will we see more aggressive enforcement out of the UK?
  1. Now that compliance has become inculcated into the business process of most energy companies, with the attendant benefits, will there a pull back on the business side of things.
  1. Can a new comer really win the AL? What does the panel see in the second half of the season?