In this episode, I visit with Ed Buthusiem, with BRG Business Transformation. BRG  partners with companies and their stakeholders to deliver sustainable results with speed and transparency through a data-driven and expert-led approach. We discuss the work of BRG and how BRG helps companies to drive a value proposition. We explore what this means for a Chief Compliance Officer or compliance practitioner and how can BRG help compliance professionals to operationalize compliance. We also discuss how compliance can become a more integrated part of the business process. You can find out more about BRG by checking out their website by clicking here.

This episode is sponsored by Ark-Group publishing who recently released my latest book 2016-The Year in Corporate Enforcement. This is the only book which details one of the most significant years of FCPA and global anti-corruption enforcement. You can check more on this book at the Ark Group website by clicking here.