In this episode, I visit with Virginia Suveiu who counsels on legal risk management, regulatory compliance and public policy, as well as commercial and international law matters. She is a subject matter expert and developed the Legal Risk Management Specialized Studies Certificate Program for UCI Extension, where she teaches for that program as well as the Contract Management Certificate Program. She has published articles on a variety of business law matters, most recently for the National Contract Management Association’s Contract Management Magazine May 2015 issue, as well as for the National Center for State Courts and the Aerospace and Defense Forum.

There are a wide variety of risks that every corporation and compliance practitioners faces. These include regulatory risks, legal risks, reputational risks, safety risks, environmental risks, and many other types of risks. We consider whether there is one process or approach to take to on the over-arching concept of risk management or if the approach needs to be fined tuned by organization? We discuss the Legal Risk Management Specialized Studies Certificate Program, including what are the program benefits and who should attend. We explore the approach in teaching risk management. We discuss some of her current initiatives on the study of and teaching of risk.