This week, Jay and I return for a wide-ranging discussion on some of the week’s top compliance and ethics related stories, including:

  1. Will Canada approve DPAs for use in anti-corruption prosecutions? TI-Canada recommends they come into use. See article in Corporate Compliance by clicking here. Also see interview with RCMP Superintendent Denis Desnoyers in GIR.
  2. Midyear FCPA enforcement report by Stanford Law Journal. See article in WSJ.
  3. The first half of 2017 has brought the final resolutions of only two FCPA matters from the new administration, but they were both declinations. Both declinations have significantly strengthened the FCPA Pilot Program as a clear path forward for every company that finds itself in FCPA hot water. See Tom’s article in Compliance Week.
  4. Are Mexican anti-corruption efforts moving forward or not. See pro see article entitled, New Mexican Anti-Corruption Law Enters into Force Global Compliance News. For con see article by Juan Montes Mexican Antigraft Efforts Falter, in WSJ.
  5. With the departure of Walter Shaub from the US Office of Governmental Ethics and Hui Chen as the Compliance Counsel, who will lead the US ethics and compliance efforts. See Jaclyn Jaeger’s article in the Compliance Week.
  6. Everything Compliance-Episode 14 is out. Topics include Walter Shaub’s departure from OGE and does it even matter? Jesse Eisinger’s book The Chickenshit Club; the SFO, UK Bribery Act and the Rolls-Royce enforcement action; differences in DPA practice in the US & UK; Trump Administration & FCPA enforcement; EU’s GDPR; and Hui Chen’s departure from Justice Department; both her public rebuke of Trump, and the substance of how she believes her guidance has been mis-interpreted. Episode 15 will go up on July 27.
  7. Former Haitian Telco exec pleads guilty, Dick Cassin reports in the FCPA Blog. Dmitrij Harder jailed five years for FCPA offenses. See article by Dick Cassin the FCPA Blog.
  8. The twins are back home from summer camp. What does it mean for the Rosen household?
  9. Jay previews his weekend report.