In this episode, I visit with Timur Khasanov-Batirov. Tim is a compliance practitioner with focus at high-risk markets and author of practical guide “Integrity Corp. 50 Tips for Your Compliance Program in the Post-Soviet States.  Timur has worked in compliance, legal, consulting, and corporate governance roles in Russia, Uzbekistan, the United States, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.  He has successfully launched and supervised execution of compliance programs for global and local businesses in the mining, energy, and pharmaceutical industries.

Tim has also recently released the first two installment of Compliance Man the first graphic novel of a compliance practitioner. You can find out more about Tim on his firm’s website,

We look at the former Soviet Union states, one of the most interesting region for Compliance professionals. we will touch 10 hot questions on corporate ethics in this region. Tim answers the following questions

1: Can we define this region as a single territory for the Compliance program structuring?

2: What regulatory trends should be taken in consideration by compliance practitioners in charge of this geography?

3: What is the biggest challenge in embedding corporate Compliance program in this region?

4:  Do you have any practical recommendations as to “dissemination of integrity” among personnel locally?

5: Is it legally permissible to deploy our FCPA/UKBA programmes in the countries of the region?

6: What is the most effective way to deliver training in this part of the world?

7: If there are any important things to remember when imposing penalties for misconduct on local personnel?

8: Do people on the ground appreciate compliance & ethics efforts?