Jay and I return for a wide-ranging discussion on some of the week’s top compliance and ethics related stories, including:

  1. Equifax continues to be in the news. Ben DiPietro reports from the compliance perspective in two articles from the WSJ Risk & Compliance Journal, see here and here.
  2. Julie DiMauro interviews Philip Urofsky on the US commitment to enforcing the FCPA. See her article in the FCPA Blog.
  3. A new scorecard is out on the amounts of money paid as bribes by the Brazilian construction company, Odebrecht. See article by Dick Cassin the FCPA Blog.
  4. On the intersection of Uber and Hell. See article by Tom Fox in Compliance Week (sub req’d).
  5. Sushi and money-laundering. The increasing intersection of AML and anti-corruption compliance. Sam Rubenfeld reports in the WSJ Risk & Compliance Journal.
  6. Matt Kelly joins us for an emergency rant and to announce the birth of the latest addition to the Kelly Clan.
  7. Want to be a Kleptocrat? The Mintz Group has developed an app “Kleptocrat” available in the Apple app store. Sam Rubenfeld reports in the WSJ Risk & Compliance Journal.
  8. Cleveland Indians set the AL mark for consecutive wins, now go for the MLB record.
  9. Is Thursday night football dead? It might be after the Texans deliver one of the ugliest wins ever on the Thursday night national stage.
  10. This month’s podcast series on One Month to a More Effective Compliance Program is in full production. In September, I am reviewing innovations for your compliance program. This week’s topics include embracing in your agile compliance program, design thinking in compliance, how Kaizen can improve your compliance program, disruption in compliance and superforecasting to better risk management. Oversight Systems is this month’s sponsor. It is available on the FCPA Compliance Report, iTunes, Libsyn, YouTube and JDSupra.
  11. The Jay Rosen weekend report preview-story telling in compliance.