What is Board of Director’s optimization?

In this episode, I visit Stuart Levine, one of the country’s leaders on effective Boards of Directors. Levine Chairman of the Board and CEO of STUART LEVINE & ASSOCIATES. Mr. Levine has significant board and executive leadership experience across multiple disciplines including financial services, technology and healthcare specializing in strategy, large-scale change management, leadership development, strategic communication, board governance, and customer focus.

We focus on Board optimization and try to answer the question of why your Board is not optimized. We consider what is an optimized board and are you serving on one?  Levine explains the key factors contributing to an optimized board are boards are a strong culture, focus on ensuring company strategy and succession planning and have engaged directors who are prepared for all meetings. Unfortunately, these four factors aren’t easily achieved and require strong leadership from the CEO and dedication from all the directors.

We consider the recent NACD report communicate on Board culture and how can a Board optimize its culture and collaboration. Explains how tone at the top and a company’s culture truly starts with the Board. Finally, we consider why Boards become operational and look backward instead of focusing on strategy and how to they correct this.

For more on Stuart Levine and his firm, click here.

For more information on Board Optimization see Levine’s article in Forbes.com Why Your Board Isn’t Optimized