In honor of the Thanksgiving Holidays which will be soon upon, this week we have a bit of a compliance smorgasbord of topics. I was recently in London and had the opportunity to sit down to be  interviewed by Jonathan Armstrong, a partner at Cordery Compliance.

We considered when disruptive companies, such as Uber, Lyft and other should institute a compliance program, even during its start up phase. We explored whether the simple fact a company is disruptive make compliance antithetical to its business approach. We both believe that disruptives and start-ups need to institutionalize compliance sooner rather than later.

We then consider the disruptions of political events such as the ongoing antics of the Trump Administration and continued non-negotiations in the Brexit miasma. We discuss where might compliance be going in the future. We conclude with a discussion of the internationalization of anti-corruption investigations and enforcement and why compliance is the key to wading through the minefield of multiple jurisdictions and regulators. It is a veritable smorgasbord of compliance topics for you to enjoy this Thanksgiving Week and into the holidays going forward.

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