What is good Board culture? How can a Board of Directors help to drive culture throughout an organization? What can a Board itself do to improve Board culture? Does diversity help to make a company more well-run? How can Board diversity help to drive corporate culture? Those questions are critical for the success of any organization. Yet many CEOs, CCOs and Board members have not considered these issues. In this episode, I visit with Sheila Hooda on culture on a Board of Directors and how Board’s can drive culture throughout an organization. Some of the topics we highlight are the following:

1. What is good Board culture?
2. What is the Board’s role in building an ethical culture within a company?
3. How can the Board assess senior management leadership to set appropriate culture?
4. How can the Board help to sharpen the company’s cultural focus?
5. What is the Board’s role in cultural evaluation and feedback?
6. What information should the Board ask for or consider in assessing a company’s culture?
7. What information should the Board impart to the Chief Compliance Officer or Chief Integrity Officer regarding culture?
8. Should Board members be a part of CCO cultural initiatives such as town hall meetings or focus groups?

Sheila Hooda is an independent, non-executive board member, 30+ year operating executive & C-suite advisor, and has provided strategic direction, driven growth and transformed Fortune 500 firms. She serves on the Board of Directors of Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, serving on the Risk and Investment Committees; and the Board of Virtus Investment Partners, a leading Investment Management firm, serving on the Audit and Finance & Risk Committees. She is CEO & President of Alpha Advisory Partners, an advisory firm providing strategy, M&A & turnaround counsel for Financial & Business services firms. Her sector expertise incl. global Financial, Professional and Business services; Technology & FinTech, Insurance; Asset mgt; Capital Markets; Banking; Education & Consumer.