In this episode, I visit with Don Fischer, a San Francisco and Washington, based lawyer who is one of the country’s leading practices dedicated to assisting corporations, universities and research institutions with the development of comprehensive Export Control compliance and FCPA programs. He has extensive strategic and practical experience in helping implement cost-effective, risk proportionate compliance programs. Fischer has specific export control services include risk assessments, export process development, export licenses (EAR, ITAR and OFAC), Technology Control Plans, Requests for advisory opinions, Voluntary Disclosure investigations, Data security analyses, training and web content development.

In this episode we discuss, the following issues: -What are export controls?

-Which government agencies regulate exports?

-What’s a deemed export?

-Do these requirements only affect defense contractors?

-How do these requirements impact corporations?

-What are the consequences for getting this wrong?

-What are some of the challenges that companies face in becoming compliant?

-What is the best way for a company to implement necessary oversight of an export compliance program, in a cost-effective manner?

It is a fascinating exploring a type of compliance which converges with anti-corruption compliance more and more in the commercial corporation setting.

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You can check out his law firm by clicking here.