Jay and I return for a wide-ranging discussion on some of the top compliance and ethics related stories of the week, with a focus of the release of the latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi:

  1. There are several FCPA 40th anniversary pieces going up these days. The FCPA Blog is looking at the top FCPA cases and enforcement actions over the past 40 years. Dick Cassin started the series, Jessica Tillipman nominated Siemens as her top case, with a nod towards Walmart.
  2. New revenue recognition rules are here. Tammy Whitehouse provides comments from top accounting practitioners in Compliance Week. Tom Fox and Matt Kelly do a special 5-part podcast series in Compliance into the Weeds. Part I-Introduction, Part II-Transaction Price, Part III-In re: software, Part IV-Auditor issues and Part V-What does it all mean?
  3. In honor the premier of the latest edition in the Star Wars oeuvre, The Last Jedi both Tom Fox and Doug Cornelius have run week-long series on compliance lessons from the Star Wars series. See Doug’s post on Compliance Building and Tom’s posts on the FCPA Compliance Report. Tom and Jay will have a five-part podcast series May the Podcast Be With You running the week of December 11 on the intersection of Star Wars and compliance.
  4. Mike Volkov asks if new FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy has altered the balance between disclosure and non-disclosure of FCPA violations? See his post in Corruption Crime and Compliance.
  5. Does the US sanctions policy work? Sam Rubenfeld explores this question through an interview with an interview with Richard Nephew, author of The Art of Sanctions on the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.
  6. Law-360 runs an Expert Analysis Series of reflections from key players in FCPA enforcement over the past 40 years. The articles come from current and former DOJ prosecutors, a monitor and defense lawyers. One of our favorites was Kara Brockmeyer and Chuck Duross reflecting on their work to help create the 2012 FCPA Resource Guide. Unfortunately, the entire series sits behind a paywall and subscription is required.
  7. HSBC successfully exits its five-year DPA. Sam Rubenfeld reports in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.
  8. Former VW compliance professional Oliver Schmidt sentenced to seven years for his role in the VW emissions-testing scandal. Matt Kelly writes about in in Radical Compliance. Tom and Matt take a deep dive into it on their podcast, Compliance into the Weeds-Episode 62.
  9. Join Tom’s monthly podcast series on One Month to a More Effective Compliance Program. In December, I consider discuss the use of written standards in a best practices compliance program. It is available on the FCPA Compliance Report, iTunes, Libsyn, YouTube and JDSupra.
  10. Check out May the Podcast Be With You-the intersection of Star Wars and Compliance. The five-part series premiers on December 11 and a new episode will be released each day at noon CST. The series is sponsored by Affiliated Monitors.