Jay and I take things in a different direction this week. We take the top five podcasts from 2017 and each of us, gives a highlight from that episode to highlight some of the key compliance issues from 2017, for our year end wrapup edition.

1. Episode 55-The Covfefe Edition, for the week ending June 2

 From Jay- Compliance is making its way into Boards of Directors. See article by Ben DiPietro in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.

From Tom- Samuel Mebiame, sentenced to two years behind bars for paying bribes to help Och-Ziff with lucrative mining deals in Africa. See article by Sam Rubenfeld in WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal. Judge asks why no one else was criminally prosecuted. See article in Bloomberg.

2. Episode 53-The I Left My Heart in SF Edition, for the week ending May 19 

From Jay- Should compliance and ethics be wedded? New report by Institute of Business Ethics and the Ethics Institute considers the issues. See article in WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.

From Tom- Astros lead the MLB with the best record in baseball. Will they regress to the mean?

3. Episode 52-The Firing the Investigators Edition, for the week ending May 12

 From Jay- ECI Report Finds Use of Corporate Monitors is on the Rise. For a copy of report, click here. For a webinar replay with Affiliated Monitors’ Eric Feldman and Nasdaq’s Michael Kallens click here.

From Tom- Why the judgment of CEOs and their actions really do matter. See James Stewart considers Barclays’ Jes Staley in his Common Sense column in the New York Times.

4. Episode 54-The Rubber Match Edition, for the week ending May 26

From Jay-he recaps the SCCE San Francisco event he attended last week. See Jay’s recap in his article I Left My #SCCE Heart in San Francisco or I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

From Tom-Was the individual enforcement against the MoneyGram CCO significant or much ado about nothing? See article by Dick Cassin in the FCPA Blog and by Sara Kropt in her Grand Jury Blog.

5.  Episode 77-The Home for the Holidays Edition, for the week ending November 17

 From Jay-

1a) Wal-Mart reserves $283MM to settle its outstanding FCPA matter. See article by Dick Cassin in the FCPA Blog. Henry Cutter reports in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.

1b) The Everything Compliance gang put together an eBook of their reflections from the recent SCCE 2017 Compliance and Ethics Institute. It is available for download free on JDSupra. It is also available on the Affiliated Monitors site by clicking here.

From Tom- Tom visited with Marc Havener and Bryan Belknap about using movie clips to expand your compliance training classroom. See Tom’s blog post here.