In this episode, Matt Kelly and I take a look at some of the more intriguing issues in compliance and ethics, FCPA and greater GRC issues in the new year of 2018.

  1. The upcoming SEC Guidance on cybersecurity, which is an issue the SEC has struggled upon. The SEC claims its new guidance will focus more about internal escalation procedures and controls to prevent insider trading ahead of disclosure. The new Revenue Recognition standard which went into effect in December 2017.
  2. We consider how will companies manage consequences of the new standard and some of the ancillary issues: new accounting policies, new procedures for auditors, new assessments of internal control, and even changes to business practices and disclosures in quarterly filings.
  3. The upcoming US Supreme Court decision on whistleblower protection under Dodd-Frank, which centers on whether whistleblower protections under the Dodd-Frank Act extend to employees who only report misconduct internally.
  4. The new FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy, which was announced in November. How it will be used going forward?
  5. In one of the most public series of scandal, the continued fallout from sexual harassment scandal, including changes to anti-harassment programs in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, #MeToo and associated corporate and government scandals.
  6. The maturity of vendor risk management programs, both in compliance and in greater business processes. Compliance and audit executives have worried about slices of vendor risk, too. How will audit, risk, and compliance functions work together to tame vendor risk in a more systematic, intelligent way in 2018?
  7. A bustling GRC vendor world is expanding. If risks to the large enterprise are undergoing a digital transformation, so too are the tools and systems enterprises use to manage those risks. How will the GRC software vendors respond to it?
  8. Will the SEC reform SOX? If so what might it look like.

For more on these topics see Matt Kelly’s blog post “Eight Compliance Events to Watch in 2018