How can you have a difficult conversation on the individual’s responsibility to stop sexual harassment in the workplace? Whose responsibility is it? Has the role of senior management and the Board of Directors expanded in this area. Today we explore these and other issues in this episode where I visit with Dr. Marsha Ershaghi Hames, Managing Director, Strategy Development at LRN. We discuss the ongoing national conversation about sexual harassment which has been ongoing from Weinstein to #METOO. How has this awareness of sexual harassment changed the corporate conversation? Dr. Ershaghi Hames has written the article The Value in Having a Difficult Conversation. We explore why she wrote this and why not is the time to have that conversation. We consider the role of senior management, as well in that conversation? What is the role of compliance? How should supervisors, managers and co-workers be trained to report harassment they might observe that happens to others or that others report to them.

To see a copy of Marsha Ershaghi Hames article The Value in Having a Difficult Conversation, click here. For more information on LRN, go to their site,