In this episode I have back Dr. Marsha Ershaghi Hames, the Managing Director, Strategy at LRN. We discuss how leading with principles has become even more important after the current wave of corporate scandals all in the context of board accountability. Some of the topics we discuss in this episode include:

  1. What is Board accountability?
  2. Why should a Board be held accountable?
  3. Who can force a Board to be accountable?
  4. What are the role of ownership stakeholders in keeping a Board accountable?
  5. How can a dialogue occur with a Board to keep it accountable?

From the Headlines, we explore some specific examples of recent cooperate scandals, including:

  1. How deeply should a Board inquire into culture?
  2. What is the difference between oversight and management by a Board?
  3. Do you advocate that a Board have a compliance committee in addition to an audit committee?
  4. Do you advocate a Board to have a Compliance Expert on the Board?

We also consider the role of a Board of Directors in ensuring procedural justice in a company through the inculcation of the Fair Process Doctrine throughout an organization.