With the Astros off to a 6-1 start and the Facebook FUBAR continuing, Jay Rosen and myself take a look at some of the top compliance stories over the past week.

  1. Embraer dodges a shareholder action based on its FCPA violations. Henry Cutter reports in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal. Tom considers the decision as a rift in the time space continuum in the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog. Kevin LaCroix considers from the more traditional legal angle in the D&O Diary.
  2. Facebook continues to either (1) not get it; (2) throw its users under the bus, and/or generally show it has no idea what it is doing going forward, click here. Mark Zuckerberg will explain it all to Congress. Larry Robinson on Fast Company online lays out what the company need to do. Tom explores the tone at the company in Compliance Week (sub req’d)
  3. What should you ask in an interview of a compliance professional? Maurice Gilbert, founder at Conselium Search gives some great tips in his eBook, Hiring Compliance Officers available at no charge on Corporate Compliance Insights.
  4. Bob Conlin, the CEO at Navex explains why CEO trust is so low. Check out his article here.
  5. What is the SEC whistleblower safe harbor rule? Henry Cutter reports in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.
  6. Mike Volkov puts on an excellent podcast on how to deal with search warrant on the Corruption, Crime and Compliance podcast.
  7. Check out this week’s 5-part podcast series on corporate monitorships with Vin DiCianni and Eric Feldman. It is available on the FCPA Compliance Report, iTunes, Libsyn, YouTube and JDSupra.
  8. Tom announces presales of his next book, the Complete Compliance Handbook, which will be published by Compliance Week in April 2018. It is available for PreSale here.
  9. Jonathan Armstrong will be in Houston on April 10 to put on a half-day GDPR workshop. You can find out more and register at the Greater Houston Business and Ethics Roundtable website, org. Tom will host a breakfast meeting with Jonathan on a UK Bribery Act update. For details and registration contact Tom.
  10. Tom will be leading Convercent Roundtables on using data to drive ethics to the center of business on Houston (April 17) and Dallas (April 18). He will lead discussions on using data to drive ethics into the center of business.
  11. Jay details a webinar hosted by Convercent where AMI SVP Eric Feldman presents a qualitative look on how quickly an ethical scandal can impact a company. To listen, click here.


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