In this episode of Across the Board, I visit with Preston Pugh and AIysha Hussain from the firm of Miller & Chevalier on their recent paper entitled, “A More Effective Way For Corporate Boards To Respond In A #MeToo World” which they authored with Ian Herbert. In this paper they suggest ways Boards of Directors could begin to address corporate harassment scandals. We use their article as a starting point to explore the roles and responses of Boards to the #MeToo and other corporate scandals.

With these and other scandals putting corporate brands at a fundamental risk, the days of Boards of Directors taking a hands-off approach to what was viewed as fundamentally litigation risks are over. We discuss some of the specific ways a Board can address these matters. Both Pugh and Hussain see #MeToo as compliance issues, not simple employment issues. As such they advocate a much broader remit by the Board. Some of the topics we discuss are:

  • Why is this so important for Boards right now?
  • Has this changed in the #MeToo era?
  • Do you think a Board committee should handle this issue or the full Board?
  • Who should report to the Board on this issue?

For more information go to the paper, “A More Effective Way For Corporate Boards To Respond In A #MeToo World