In this episode, I visit with Rick Pearl, the Global Corporate Responsibility Officer and Vice President of Corporate Citizenship at State Street Corp. We discuss the 2017 State Street Corporation, Corporate Responsibility Report. Some of the highlights include:

  • What is the Risk Culture and Compliance at State Street and its portfolio companies;
  • What are the three lines of compliance defense?
  • Should there be a risk committee at the Board level?
  • What is find once, fix many? How does SSGA implement this?
  • What is Ethical Decision-Making Framework and how does SSGA train on it?
  • How does SSGA use supplier assessment strategies?
  • What is SSGA’s Responsible sourcing programs?
  • What is SSGA’s internal governance program allowing for multilevel assessment of vendors and service providers globally?
  • What is SSGA’s Innovation for Value Creation?

Here are the links to State Street’s Corporate Responsibility Report and overview.