In this episode, I visit with Kristy Grant-Hart, founder of Spark Compliance Consulting and author of now three books in the compliance arena. We discuss her most recent book “How to Have a Wildly Successful Career in Compliance“, which will be released on on June 19. For those of you who have seen Kristy speak you know she is high energy and very passionate about compliance and the compliance profession. She channels that energy and passion into her latest book. In this podcast we discuss:

  • Why she wrote this book?
  • Why the winding career of a compliance professional so important?
  • Why it more important for women to “Ask for it?” around salary/comp/promotions?
  • Why moving up the corporate ladder more like climbing a jungle gym?
  • Why understanding the numbers and business plan so important to a compliance professional?
  • How does one raise their profile in the compliance profession?
  • Why is collaboration so important for a compliance professional and a corporate compliance function?

Kristy is the author of two prior books on compliance, How to Be a Wildly Effective Compliance Officerand Wildly Strategic Compliance Officer Workbook. Both are must reads for compliance professionals. Her latest entry gives solid tips and point-by-point steps on how to have a successful career in the compliance field. But it is more than simply Kristy’s thoughts as she interviewed compliance professionals from literally across the globe on how they have become wildly successful.

Yet there is one thing about the book that I think makes it most useful for every compliance practitioner out there. It is that the book works on multiple levels and for multiple stakeholders. Obviously, it is targeted and works for the compliance practitioner but it also works for a CCO who is thinking about working with senior management and a Board of Directors. Further it works on a compliance program level, with many of Kristy’s tips translating into compliance program best practices.

Finally Kristy tackles head on the issue of women succeeding in the compliance profession. She writes this chapter with clear-eyed focus; not ranting or raving but giving women the tools, they need to succeed in the compliance profession and in the greater corporate world. I found this chapter so powerful I bought a copy for my 21-year-old daughter to help prepare her for your professional career after she graduates from college.

To purchase a copy of How to Have a Wildly Successful Career in Complianceon, click here.

For more information on Kristy’s books, check out her site, Compliance Kristy by clicking here.

Finally for more information on Kristy’s consulting company, Spark Compliance Consulting, click here.