Building and operating an effective compliance program is a tall order if you don’t have the information or the tools – and people – to make it happen. Today, Tom’s talks with Greg Radner, the chief marketing officer of RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange), about his company’s innovative compliance assistance solutions in the management of risk.

  • What do Greg and the team at RANE do in the compliance arena? Greg gives us the lowdown on what RANE’s focus is: addressing compliance dysfunction by giving professionals the tools to build robust preventative compliance programs to avoid chronic reactionary compliance efforts.
  • Greg lays out three areas where RANE identified compliance dysfunction in the market today: information overload, reactive risk management, and finding the appropriate expertise for the job.
  • How are RANE’s offerings unique compared to other compliance solutions companies? Greg talks about RANE’s expert network, a global network of over 5000 risk experts and service providers that focus on six main areas: physical safety and security, cybersecurity, governance risk and compliance, due diligence and geopolitical risk, medical/psychological risk and legal/regulatory risk.
  • RANE’s mantra is simple: proactive is always better than reactive. Through a daily newsletter called RiskBook and other informative periodicals, RANE arms clients with curated information – developed by RANE or other parties – that addresses the risk situations that truly matter to them.
  • As we’ve seen with RANE’s focus areas above, the areas relevant to the compliance profession have become highly diverse. Tom asks Greg about how this situation is manifesting in RANE’s work; Greg talks about RANE’s focused webinars and about their custom-made periodical monitors, packed with targeted information.
  • Tom asks Greg about one of RANE’s key philosophies: doing more with less. Greg talks about the power of leveraging the network and how making RANE’s experts available to CCO’s can act as an extremely valuable extension of their own resources.
  • Emerging markets can feature a plethora of different kinds of risks. Tom asks Greg about RANE’s solution for making sure a CCO isn’t overloaded by information when trying to keep up with emerging risk. Greg gives some insight into RANE’s curation service and their risk desk team. These folks know the expert network back to front and can tap into exactly what a CCO needs to know.
  • With a diversity of risk and compliance situations comes a requirement for custom-tailored solutions. Greg talks about RANE’s subject matter experts and the ins and outs of matching a client with the right solutions providers.


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