In this episode of Across the Board, I visit with Amii Barnard-Bahn.  She is a strategic advisor to Boards of Director and executive coach many C-Suite members. She specializes in accelerating the success of C-Suite executives and partner with leaders and teams to help scale their business. She has shaped company culture and strategic initiatives as an executive at Fortune 20 companies, smaller businesses and nonprofits, leading multiple functions, including Human Resources, Legal, IT, Communications, and Compliance.

We discuss the recent turmoil at Papa John’s pizza around first racial comments by its founder John Schnatter. Schnatter had previously lost his role as CEO for negative comments he made about NFL players and their National Anthem protest last year. In the latest flap, Schnatter used the N-word during racial sensitivity training. He was pressured to resign from his position as the Chairman of the Board. He then changed his mind and wants to fight his voluntary resignation. Some of the topics we discuss are:

  • How should the Board respond?
  • What do Schnatter’s actions say about Papa John’s corporate culture and values?
  • What has changed for Boards in the #MeToo era of high stakes reputational damage?
  • Do you think a Board committee should handle this issue or the full Board?
  • Who should report to the Board on this issue?

This timely and topical podcast will help you as a Board member understand how your role has changed as the risks to your organization has evolved.