In this episode I visit with Shawn Rogers, Lead Counsel, Compliance Training and Communications at General Motors. Rogers was brought in to beef up the company’s compliance training after the ignition switch scandal. He talks about his design, creation and implementation of a tailored and focused compliance training program. Some of the highlights include:

  • The guiding principles for GM compliance training: trust and respect.
  • The differences between risk-based training versus check-the-box training.
  • Demonstrating how a risk-based training program benefits GM.
  • The legacy challenges for GM in compliance training and how this new approach responded to these challenges.
  • The influencing factors for GM compliance training.
  • The Risk-Based Training Program Architecture at GM.
  • The GM Compliance Training Strategy.
  • An explanation of where compliance training fit into the overall GM compliance training culture.
  • How GM tailors its training for high-risk employees.
  • How GM demonstrates compliance training effectiveness.

For more interview with Shawn Rogers see the article in Compliance Week, click here.