How do you measure the impact of  your ethics and compliance program? In the new the second of its four-part series of the Global Business Ethics Survey for calendar year 2018, the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI) have released the report, “Measuring the Impact of E&C Programs” which shows you how to do just that. In this podcast, I visit with Dr. Pat Harned, Chief Executive Officer of ECI about the report as it provides a wealth of information on the return on investment for the compliance professional and builds on the High Quality Program structure initiative by ECI in 2016. The Report identifies 15 operational element you can use for your program as well as 17 cultural validation points to help assess your compliance program. Some of the highlights in this podcast are:

  1. What is the ECI Global Business Ethics Survey and how does the report of “Measuring the Impact of E&C Programs” fit into the overall structure?
  2. What are the key findings from the Report?
  3. What is a High Quality Program and what are the 5 principles?
  4. Why are mindset and accountability so critical for an effective compliance program?
  5. Why do High Quality Programs have a bigger impact?
  6. What were the Report’s Conclusions and Recommendations.

To receive a copy of the ECI report, Measuring the Impact of E&C Programs, click here.

To receive a copy of the ECI report, Global Benchmark on Workplace Ethics, click here.