These days, it takes more than a Google search to find the dirt you’re looking for. Tom talks with Jane Jee, the CEO of Kompli-Global, about some of their innovative due diligence reporting products. They discuss what the future of DD needs to look like to keep up with the sophisticated moneylaunders of the digital era.

  • What does Kompli-Global do in the compliance space? Jane talks about their two main products: Kompli-IQ, a negative information search engine and Kompli-Insight/Forensik, which offers 2 higher levels of custom CDD reports.
  • Using the Kompli-IQ search engine, companies can perform a quick check up on both their own reputation and the reputation of customers and third-party suppliers. Kompli-Global’s customized CDD and “enhanced due diligence” reports take this multiple steps further to get a more detailed picture.
  • Many companies haven’t updates their CDD process and protocols in about 15 years. Tom asks Jane why this is so problematic in today’s fast-moving world; she explains why enhanced due diligence needs to become the new normal in order for compliance programs around the world to keep with criminals.
  • What are search string and how are they used in the due diligence process? Jane gives us a run down on what they are, how they are used and reviews some of their key limitations when doing DD research.
  • Relative to scraping the surface with a general due diligence process, Jane talks about the concept of the “deep dive” DD, which uses specialized software that probes the deep web (not the dark web) such as various governmental and non-governmental directories.
  • Just as AI is becoming more and more prominent across the compliance landscape, DD can take advantage of the growth of these technologies. Tom asks Jane about how AI can supplement a traditional DD investigation.
  • Due diligence is often a scheduled or reactive process that can sometimes miss developments as they occur, relying on static databases that are periodically updated. Jane talks about how an enhanced due diligence investigation can be retooled to work in real-time.
  • Tom references a recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to allow legal public gambling across the country and asks Jane about the challenges to enhanced to due diligence in an industry such as gambling. She talks about the connection between the gambling industry and organized crime, and that modern methods offer better compliance alternatives to outdated practices.
  • Where can listeners go to find out more information on the issues discussed in this podcast?



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