With the MLB July 31 trade deadline almost upon us, the Yankees, Indians and Dodgers have significantly upgraded their programs, will the Red Sox and Astros do so? Jay and Tom consider this and take a look at some of the top compliance stories from the past week.

  1. Lots about AI, data analytics and compliance this week. Tom has a three part series on the intersection (Part I; Part II; & Part III). Scott Shaffer goes the other direction, noting how important the human element is in due diligence on theFCPA Blog. Tom relents on the Astros and now admits it was the use of data analytics and not his incessant razzing which lead to last year’s WS win. He reviews Ben Reiter’s book and critiques the Astros on the FCPA Compliance Blog.
  2. Mike Volkov considers corporate culture, values and the ostrich in his exploration of the Beam FCPA enforcement action on Crime, Corruption and Complinace.
  3. A CCO looks at corporate activism. Katie Smith pens a piece in Complaince Week. (sub req’d)
  4. What is your FCPA liability in the M&A context? DAAG Matthew Miner talks about it in a speechat the ACI Anti-Corruption Compliance in High Risk Markets conference (they need a better name) Matt Kelly opines in Radical Compliance. Dick Cassin weighs in on the FCPA Blog.
  5. Tesla leans on suppliers to rebate two-year old payments. Does that change the nature of your business relationship. Tom explores in The Man From FCPA(sub req’d)
  6. How should a company respond to an individual request for information under GDPR? Jeremy Feigelson, Jane Shvets, and Christopher Garrett explore in the NYU Compliance and Enforcement Blog.
  7. What are the downsides to using your founder/CEO/Board Chair as spokesperson? Ben DiPietro explores on the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.
  8. Need some insights into assessing your compliance training? Kaplan and Walker are there for you in the Compliance Program Assessment Blog.
  9. Will KPMG survive its ethical scandals? Madison Marriage, Caroline Binham and Martin Arnold explore in the Financial Times.
  10. Who is the only podcaster in compliance to accept queries via carrier pidgeon? Eric Morehead (of course). Check out his most excellent podcast, Compliance Beat.
  11. Tom has 5 part podcast series which explores how Shakespeare informs a best practices compliance program. Henry IV, Part 2; Henry V; Much Ado About Nothing; Othello and King Lear.

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